How about that for name dropping? Yep, Billy Bob was in the San Francisco airport behind me and my wife on our way home from our honeymoon. Too bad the photo didn't come out better. Oh well.

So who is "Chad Huff?" Well, professionaly, I am an Interactive Designer at T3. Prior to T3, I was the Design Director at Olive Design. Download my resume to learn more about my capabilities and experience. Outside of the office when I can set my passion for my work aside, I spend time with my wife and best friend, Kelli. I do my best to keep up with my friends and family, too.

I like Table Tennis, Volleyball, iTunes, PS2, and creative design solutions.

And if you are asking yourself, "Did Chad do the code on his site, too?" Well, Jon Smith helped me get it going but I am responsible for any typos. Thanks Jon.